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A free Interrail Pass for everyone who turns 18?


22 September 2016
Discovering Europe with Interrail for free, sponsored by the European Union? This proposal is currently widely discussed in the European Parliament. The goal is to give all 18-year old Europeans a chance to explore different cultures and meet fellow travellers along the way.

Why Interrail?

For many generations Interrail has been the symbol of the European integration. Exploring the continent by train is a great way to create awareness for the European values. It allows young people of different cultures to connect and get to know and understand Europe together. Travelling with an Interrail pass creates a shared social experience for young Europeans and increases their interest in European collaboration.

What's next?

Members of the European Parliament are enthusiastic about the proposal. Obviously there are still some hurdles to take, as it's a big undertaking to get over 5 million 18-year olds to travel with Interrail for free every year.